Why Does a DJ Cost so Much

The Mobile DJ has the responsibility for purchasing or providing every piece of Sound Equipment needed to make amplified music happen at your event. The type, quality, and dependability of the Sound Equipment can vary greatly from the Novice DJ to the Professional DJ and this difference can make or break your event very easily. The mobile DJ dedicates many more hours of work for an event than what the person hiring the DJ usually understands. Here is an example of the time spent by a Mobile DJ that needs to be understood by both the Client and the DJ:

Mobile DJs Work Time
Loading Vehicle With Equipment 1 hour
Driving to venue, finding loading area, coordinating with venue 30 mins
Unload and Setup 1.5 hours
DJ the Event (this is the only time that's actually on the contract) 4 hours
Packup Equipment and Re-Load Vehicle 1 hour
Drive Home 30 mins
Unload back at home/office 1 hour
Total Time Actual to DJ Event 9.5 hours

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